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Granite or Quartz – which should you choose?

Many customers come into the showrooms flummoxed about Granite and Quartz. Is one better than the other? Well let me explain…

Granite is quarried. It comes straight out of our beautiful planet earth as one huge chunk. It is then cut into slabs and honed down and transported all over the world. Specifically to Luton in our case where our excellent stone-mason Cristian has his workshop.

Quartz or quartz composite (the full name) is man-made. It is normally 93% quartz mixed with 7% resin. It can be manufactured to produce an array of colours and patterns.

From this description which do you prefer? Granite or quartz? Not too sure, us neither so let me continue…

Granite needs to be sealed. Our stone mason does this for you as a matter of course before installing. We then recommend sealing every 1-3 years.

Quartz is less porous than granite, nevertheless Cristian will still seal your quartz prior to installation.

Both are extremely durable, much more so than their wood or laminate counterparts.

Decided yet? Granite or quartz? Nope, us neither…

Seams are sometimes less visible in quartz because they can be manufactured to a solid colour. The natural veins and colour may make seams more visible in granite but then some see the natural look as its beauty. Every piece of granite in the world is unique.

Granite and quartz cost roughly the same depending on the colour and pattern.

Here are some examples of quartz kitchen worktops and bathroom vanity units:


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