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Wonderful Wood Effect Porcelain Tiles

As one of the first retailers to supply wonderful wood effect porcelain tiles in the UK we are really proud of how the trend has taken off. The wood effect porcelain tiles we sell are growing more and more popular. They are not an alternative to hard wood but a competitor. Wood effect porcelain is the tile du jour.

Advantages to wood effect tiles over wood; where do i start?

Wood effect porcelain tiles are extremely easy to clean and need no other type of maintenance. They do not stain. You will never have to worry about the tiles changing colour like regular wood, or warping from water damage. They can be paired with underfloor heating. You will get no chips, nicks or splinters from wood effect porcelain tiles. They can be used indoor or outdoor. Our range are totally frost and heat resistant, and they come in all shapes and sizes. You can lay them however you choose to; herringbone, parallel, staggered, random.

You can use wood effect porcelain tiles anywhere inside or outside of your home; In the kitchen, bathroom (they look great on shower-room walls & floors), lounge, conservatory, garden, patio the list is endless.

They look great on wall and floor together:

We have several ranges of wood effect porcelain tiles from different suppliers in all shades (dark chestnut or grey to white-wash) and shapes to suit all styles and budgets so don’t hesitate to contact us or pop in to Esher or Esher showrooms for our expert advice.

Wood effect porcelain tiles are so popular with us here at Tile Studio Esher that Mum & Dad, Liam and I have all installed them throughout our homes. So from first hand experience I can honestly say they are fabulous!

Take a peek at our pinterest mood board for wood and wood effect porcelain tiles inspiration.


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