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More than Fifty Shades of Grey

Grey interior design is sooo en vogue.

Not necessarily because E.L. James made grey the most talked about colour of recent memory but because of its versatility. Grey interior design is so versatile the options are endless.

Take a look at Castelnau’s “More than Fifty Shade of Grey” pinterest board here to see what I mean.

It’s been in our lives for a long time, the colour grey. In natural and man-made products; concrete, wood, buildings, landscapes. It’s quite often in the skies if you live in the UK! And never more so than now has it been in our homes. Grey interior design is everywhere.

Nordic interior design and mid-century furniture are filling the pages of magazines and blogs and the dominant colour is grey. Take a look at @walnutgrey on twitter or Nordic Bliss on Pinterest for even more inspiration.

And oh how we love it at Castelnau – I mean, what doesn’t go with grey? As you can see on the Pinterest board, the combinations are endless. Esher and Esher showrooms have many examples of gorgeous grey stone, porcelain, wood style tiles and more. Head down for a mooch. Mariano and Dave will be happy to help and here are a few examples:


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