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Why Victorian Tiles are a great choice for your bathroom, kitchen and entrance way.

I love looking back at photos of Britain in Victorian times like the one above. If you click here you’ll link to that photo and 37 more fabulous images from the London Underground circa 1863 on buzzfeed. Don’t you just love the gorgeous Victorian metro tiles? I like the fashion too, everyone looks so frightfully dapper.

Today I’m going to talk about why Victorian and Edwardian style tiles, also known as encaustic tiles are so fabulous for many areas in your home. They are beautiful statement tiles of a bygone era. They are tried and tested and give any home that real wow factor.

Tile Studio Esher has been supplying Victorian tiles for over 30 years. Currently we have a record number of orders per week such is the revival of these beautiful, timeless designs. Our customers use them for pathways, porches, entrances, bathrooms, kitchens and hallways. Here are just a few of the many designs we offer:

I have a mild obsession with Victorian tiled paths and porches! So i have started to document my faves on Instagram.Here’s the link. Do follow me while you’re there. And here’s one I really like that I see on my way to the Esher showroom. We sell this design of course.

If you want a statement path or hallway entrance to your home; Victorian tiles are the way to go. Click on our Pinterest board, celebrating Victorian Tiles, for inspiration.

And lest us not forget the increasingly popular metro tile:

Go Here for a photo of my very own Victorian style bathroom! We used dark grey grout for an even more historical feel.

But fear not, we don’t only stock traditional Victorian Tiles. We have ranges inspired by Victorian and Edwardian Tiles. Suitable for period properties and contemporary properties alike. Take a look at some of the range. Gorgeous encaustic Victorian style tiles.

This Patchwork design is a wonderful updated look for Victorian Tiles – love these! You may remember them from the More than Fifty Shades of Grey blog post.


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